The Mosaic Murals at Steyn City were created to tell a story while visitors and residents meander through the tunnels leading to the underground parking and to the gardens.

In Memory of Tembeka Nkamba van Wyk 1954 – 2015

This colourful mosaic sculpture celebrates the life of Tembeka Nkamba van Wyk, a true Visionary and the founder of Talking Beads. She created a successful export company that focuses on  training, employing and giving hope to thousands of previously unemployed rural African women.  Tembeka left her senior government position at Nelson Mandela’s administration office and put her faith in empowering women and driving her culture. The Mosaic Female Face is a tribute to her legacy.

Three Dimensional Mosaic Fish Eagle Mural

Three Dimensional Woman's face in mosaic

Three Dimensional Mosaic Butterfly

Charles explaining his Mosaic Murals