Land Art and Sculptor Extraordinaire, Charles Gotthard is renowned for his incredible, ‘larger than life’ Artscape Projects; However in his quest to reach out to a larger, more personal audience, Charles set out to create his African Miniature Coffee Table Series; The Poacher Series being the first – to include a series of ten, very detailed and remarkable small sculptures, ranging from 20-45cm’s in height. Charles has cast some of these sculptures in bronze and a few have been left in their raw ceramic form, with a touch of gilders paste to add texture and effect.  The original carcasses and shells were all sourced from Charles’s surrounding environment over the years.

The Poacher series projects the eventual demise of the poachers, in fact, humans as a whole; Engrossed and imprisoned by their own greed and ignorance.  Charles Gotthard uses these symbolic works of art as a weapon against poaching; a visual outcry! One cannot interpret these sculptures any differently, “The struggle is. in. fact. real.”

By creating these sculptures, Charles hopes that they land up in influential hands, creating a significant conversation piece that will alter the minds of the ignorant and lighten the hearts of the greedy. Their message is meant to transcend cultural differences, spearhead the conscience and compel action.

Bronze Warthog Scull with Poacher

Bronze Impala and Hadida Scull with Poacher

Bronze Baboon Scull with Poacher

Bronze Masai Landscape

Bronze Monkey and Hadida sculls with Huntsman