Charles Gotthard is called the Van Wouw of the 21st Century; Being the master of his own medium, Charles is one of South Africa’s most avant-garde & successful ceramists. His name has been included in three authoritative South African publications. Charles’s work can be viewed at Art Museums, Lifestyle Estates, Churches and Galleries across South Africa such as the Mosaiek Church, Pretoria Art Museum, Potchefstroom Gallery, the Tas Gallery, Lourensford Wine Estate and Steyn City.​

Having qualified in Architectural Ceramics Charles’s passion lies in creating life size three -dimensional land art, wall panels, fountains, large figures such as horses, wildlife, female figures, comical figure studies & more abstract, contemporary styles. He enjoys working with architects and landscapists on the start of new projects, creating a synergy as his creations become one with the building.

Since 1976, Charles has successfully executed several independent exhibitions throughout South Africa and has stepped over the threshold of limiting his creations to one medium, mastering the art of marrying the idyllic mediums to the significance of each project. His various mediums include bronze, volcanic cement & clay.

In 2010, Charles set out to create his African Miniature Coffee Table Series; in a quest to reach out to a larger, more personal audience. The Poacher Series was the first – to include a series of ten, very detailed and remarkable small sculptures, ranging from 20-45cm’s in height. Charles has cast some of these sculptures in bronze and a few have been left in their raw ceramic form, with a touch of gilders paste to add texture and effect. The original carcasses and shells were all sourced from Charles’s surrounding environment over the years.
The Poacher series projects the eventual demise of the poachers, in fact, humans as a whole; Engrossed and imprisoned by their own greed and ignorance. Charles Gotthard uses these symbolic works of art as a weapon against poaching; a visual outcry! One cannot interpret these sculptures any differently, “The struggle is. in. fact. real.”
By creating these sculptures, Charles hopes that they land up in influential hands, creating a significant conversation piece that will alter the minds of the ignorant and lighten the hearts of the greedy. Their message is meant to transcend cultural differences, spearhead the conscience and compel action.

Charles’s latest works, completed over 5 years, has really captured the media’s attention and can be viewed at Steyn City in Johannesburg. This unparalleled Parkland Residence boasts over thirty of Charles’s magnificent land art masterpieces, creating a real spectacle for the residents, media and visitors alike.

A more personal tribute to his creative genius was the popular previously owned family restaurant Charles created for his daughters in 1998, The Goblin’s Cove.  A whimsical venue where art lovers & fans could sit back, relax, entering a playful, childlike head space where possibilities are endless & beautiful. He called this his “Labour of Love.” This formed a truly fantastical, captivating experience, where one could really appreciate the unsophisticated earthiness of Charles’s work.  Another one of his architectural projects includes, La Provence D’Afrique -“A little bit of Provence in Africa”- a Provencal style guest lodge which is built inside Charles’s 400m² art studio. This was a challenging project Charles built for his wife, completely out of the ordinary, but with all his love for the old-world, attention to detail and passion for French architecture, this has been a dream come true for him. Charles completed this project in 2003 and the popular, self-owned guest lodge is now a well-established, romantic get-away, enjoyed by stressed out city goers all year round.

Charles also enjoys teaching and occasionally runs Midweek Art Retreats in which he uses clay and music called “A Journey into Self-Discovery.” The workshops are aimed at corporate groups, allowing them to completely let go, becoming childlike, playing with clay and music – a very successful way of bringing creativity and fun into the more serious corporate world.

Charles also loves designing bespoke works of art for private clients and has created several interesting art pieces, from Medieval black armours to life-size Frisian Horses; one of his latest commissions was painting a 55sq.m. dome with horse chariots and angels; a 12 seated glass table being supported by 5 seated figures; his smaller coffee table series of miniature sculptures created in bronze include: the Tortoise Man, Man of Myth, Hobo Series, Poacher Series, Evolution Series, to name a few. These are fetching high prices on the art market; some can still be bought here on his website under the shop section.

Charles has recently retired from Steyn Cityand is currently living in The Cradle of Humankind with his wife, Marguerite. Charles still takes on private commissions and gives small quarterly 4 Day Midweek Art Retreats at their beautiful guest lodge, La Provence D’Afrique in Magaliesburg

To inquire about attending these workshops contact Marguerite: bookings@laprovencedafrique.co.za or give her a call on 082 900 8205 for more info.