Yates Original Blob Machine 1884 For Sale


Great condition and still in perfect working order.

Only 100 made. This is 74/100 Yates Vintage Brass and Copper Blob machine with workings still inside super condition from the 1980’s;  A very rare find.

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Yates Wine Lodge - Established in 1884

Yates Wine Lodge – Established in 1884


Yates is a British pub chain, founded as Yates’s Wine Lodge in Oldham, Lancashire, by Peter and Simon Yates in 1884.  The chain remained strongest in the North of England, though spreading nationwide.

In earlier times, it invented its own range of drinks which it called Blobs, which consisted of sweet Yates’s Australian liqueur Wine and brandy, (a fortified wine), sugar, lemon and hot water. The interior of the pubs had a Victoriana feel and look.

What’s in a blob drink?

A ‘Blob‘ is made from 100ml Aussie Whites, with sugar, lemon and hot water. Similar to a Hot Toddy.



Yates Original Blob Machine Emblem

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