The Beggars Invitation

The Beggar Mans Invitation Invitation accepted The Beggar Mans Invitation Come sit with me and let me tell you a story…A story about what it is to be free. Under the shade of my hat you will soon discover, the freedom that comes from giving. The coolness of the shade...

Gallery Blog

Charles Gotthard has been involved with many projects, commissions be it private or public, click on the featured image to read and learn...
The Steyn City Project

The Steyn City Project

CHARLES GOTTHARD – making love visible “My art is three-dimensional and I want the person looking at my work to move around it – to move into it.” Charles Gotthard was commissioned two years ago to oversee the creation of environmental sculptures on Steyn...
Ceramic Sculputres

Ceramic Sculputres

Ceramics is one of the first mediums Charles used and exhibited. He has a large array of modern, life like and abstract sculptures that he has created. Abstract Ceramic Clown Ceramic Pots Abstract Male Bust Abstract Male Bust Figures in the Wind Sea of...
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